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07 July 2011 @ 10:43 am
R2 WTF?  
The R2D2 corset is getting close to completion. I've learned a lot along the way, including this very important fact: droids are made of straight lines. Corsets are made of curves. This is a perilous combination. And speaking of straight lines and curves, I've started work on the hat, and lo, what look like simple rectangles turn out to be trapezoids, because, duh, a dome is a curved surface. Next time I come up with a costume idea and say, "how hard can this be," someone slap me, ok?

I've also discovered that R2D2 has some inconsistencies. I expected there to be different versions from movie to movie, of course, so I've been trying to concentrate on his original, episode 4 iteration, but even within the same movie--sometimes in the same *scene*, he's got bits and doodads that change position or disappear and reappear without warning.

For example, he starts out with three short blue rectangles to the right of the hologram projector, followed by a longer blue one, and then a gray panel framed in blue: see 1:31 and 1:50 in this clip. This original configuration persists after they arrive on Tatooine (3:14, 3:30), but not 10 seconds later at 3:36, he has changed to three short rectangular blue panels, and then a white space, then another short blue panel. Two seconds later, at 3:38, he's back to "normal." Then at 3:48 we're back to configuration 2, but by the time he encounters the Jawas and Luke he's back to configuration 1.

Conclusion: either Lucas had some completely mundane reason for having two different R2 models for Episode 4, or he's sending some kind of cryptic message à la The Da Vinci Code. Something like, "Carrie Fisher is the last living descendant of Jabba the Hutt and Mary Magdalene."

(I'm going with the "original" configuration, because it's what I saw and designed first, even though I suspect configuration 2 would be simpler!)

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