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01 February 2012 @ 12:21 am
Liz-Borg Don't Do Hand Sewing  
The skirt is largely together, cartridge pleats and all. The front opening is trimmed with two rows of wide holographic silver ribbon; between the rows are a series of grommets that will have LED lights poking out through them. Tomorrow I have to put on the underpinnings and take a waist measurement so I can put on the waistband, and then it will be time for the hem that ate 23rd century London (7-1/1 yards of fabric!).

The fun thing about this costume is that I get to break all the rules normally associated with historical costuming. Grommets! Mylar metallic trims! Machine stitching--where IT WILL SHOW! Not to mention sneaky little cheats that would get me booted out of an SCA Laurel competition. What, you thought I was doing all my cartridge pleats by hand? Don't be silly, that's why shirring tape exists. Liz-borg don't do hand sewing.

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