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09 February 2012 @ 12:12 am
Lizborg Progress Report  
Started trimming the doublet today, and sewed on the peplum tabs I'd made last night. They're trimmed in cheap mylar holographic ribbon from the craft store, and wow, does it sparkle. I'll be adding *lots* more of that (at .99 per 5 yard spool, I can afford to go trim-crazy). I also cut the plastic "robot armor" breastplate in half with the dremel. I'm considering attaching that to the front of the doublet, which might make decorative closures a moot point. Have to see how it works out.

Progress Photo 1.....Progress Photo 2

Since I used my original Lizgown pattern for the skirt, it fits nicely over my existing farthingale. I'm considering making a smaller bumroll, though--this thing makes me look like I'm towing the continental shelf.

Also started work on a hat today. I've decided to go with the tall-crowed hat as seen here; it's not as formal as the portraits I started out looking at, but that high crown can hide all kinds of electronic doo-dads. :) I wasn't thrilled about the idea of making a hat from scratch, but I found instructions for covering a regular top hat to turn into a reasonable facsimile of the Elizabethan style, and lucky me, there was a lovely wool felt top hat at the thrift store with my name on it. Once it's covered, I'll need to think about exactly what kinds of doodads I want to put in there. A speaker grill? A camera lens? A rotating gun turret? (That's my favorite idea, but I'm afraid anything sticking off the top of the hat would just look goofy.)

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