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29 March 2012 @ 11:28 am
Lizborg Mask  
I've always had a problem with masks and my glasses. My usual solution has been to wear contacts, but since my eye surgery, wearing a lens in the left eye is off limits. So when it came time to design the Lizborg mask, I gave some thought to how I could fit a mask under or over my glasses. Well, you know what I always say: when offered a choice, pick both.

Click through for more pictures. Sorry they're so grainy; I was using the self-portrait mode on my phone.

This is in two parts. The first is a cheap plastic eye mask with most of the bottom trimmed away. Once I got rid of the bit over the nose, my glasses fit right over it. I ended up removing most of the plastic around the bottom of the eye holes as well, but if all you want is a mask to fit under glasses, it's the nose piece that is the main obstacle.

It's covered with metal pipe tape, and then I attached the circuit board and the LED light. The board came out of an old camcorder, and it's just for looks, it doesn't do anything. The light fits inside a casing made of random plastic bits; the LED leads go through a hole in the mask and are soldered to a coin cell battery case on the back.

The eyepiece is the second part. It's a piece off a toy camera from the dollar store, mounted on a chunk of dense foam, covered in scrap fabric from the skirt. The foam is flexible, so I can bend it around my glasses; it's held to the under-mask with two strips of velcro.

This circuit board is also decorative. It's an old one from a Radio Shack kit, leftover from when I was learning to solder last year for the R2 D2 hat. It already had all those green wires sprouting off of it, so I poked them back into the foam in a few places, and left some free to disappear into my hair, for that extra creepy look. :D
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wabbit (the jack is silent)jackwabbit on March 29th, 2012 04:42 pm (UTC)
Looking good!