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22 August 2014 @ 04:56 pm
Homeschooling: Week 2  
This week had its ups and downs in terms of how much we did and Z's frustration levels. The weekend was packed full of fun stuff: the Dunwoody Nature Center held a butterfly festival on Saturday, and we had a blast. We got there early to ensure a pass into the butterfly tent, then wandered around doing butterfly and caterpillar related crafts. We got our faces painted, got butterfly temporary tattoos, and finished up with ice cream and a magic show. Z explained to a woman next to us that the magician would make us look at something with one hand and then do something else with his other: "It's called misdirection!"

Sunday we met some friends at the Fox Theater for a singalong showing of Mary Poppins. Z was enchanted with the Fox, and I do believe this is the first time he's seen a movie all the way through in the theater (there was an attempt at Wreck-It Ralph last year, but it got cut short when Z was too scared to continue). We got there early enough to catch the organist playing some songs, with lyrics flashed on the screen. That was cool, but then they started all the pre-movie stuff and there was simply way too much of it. Ads for their sponsors, trailers for upcoming movies (classics, so they were showing the original trailers, but still), a newsreel, more trailers, and a truly awful Mr. Magoo cartoon. Z was getting squirmy by this point, and I couldn't blame him, but finally the movie started! Yay! And oh, my goodness, we sang and sang, and didn't stop singing even on the MARTA platform on the way home.

Monday, having decided we wanted to be Bert and Mary Poppins for Halloween, we went thrift shopping for a blue jacket and skirt for me to modify, and a black jacket to cut down for Z. We lucked out and found a vest in a little kid's size, and even a newsie cap!

Tuesday was kind of a wash; I stayed up too late the night before, so all I had the energy for was to teach my class, then come home and crash. That afternoon we read the last four chapters of Little House on the Prairie, since it was due back at the library. I did plan on taking Z to his gymnastics class that evening, but the Y is closed this month for renovations, and they'd postponed all the classes til they reopen.

Wednesday was also a tired day; ironically, I had an appointment with the sleep specialist (more blood tests! fun!) that morning, and was groggy all afternoon. We played a round of Settlers of Cataan, and I think we did a little time telling practice, but that was about it.

Thursday morning Z went with friends to the Botanical Garden while I was teaching my class. In the afternoon, Z had an eye exam, where he very bravely sat still for the dilation drops. Afterwards, we ran some errands. At home, once the drops wore off, Z wanted to play Sim City, and asked me to teach him to be a "Master City Builder."

Today was a good homeschooling day. One of the errands we'd run the day before was to buy a new kid camera to replace the one we'd gotten him in France--that one had a weird European USB cable that we lost in the move, and couldn't replace here. So this morning we read the directions and he practiced taking pictures. He's still having a hard time holding the camera still.

Then we broke out a science kit and made molecules out of plastic beads and sticks. He already knew that water is H20, and we added CO2, ammonia, and a couple other things. He was greatly amused when I explained what methane is. The molecule kit had a website for more science stuff, so we checked that out; it's a (literally) Flash-y site that's confusing to navigate, but eventually we found some videos with science experiments that we tried out: two air pressure activities, and one about measuring sound waves. The videos were slow to load, so while waiting, we did a few clock flashcards. Then we made more molecules, and Z decided he wanted to make molecules in Minecraft.

Tomorrow we are signed up for a carpentry workshop at Lowes, to make monster puppets!

Christine F.xinef on August 22nd, 2014 09:24 pm (UTC)
My younger son was very interested in chemistry as a youngster. I think he was 5 or 6 when I got him a place mat with the periodic table of the elements. He delighted in learning the names and symbols.
Rachelrslatkin on August 23rd, 2014 03:20 am (UTC)
Ammonia is key!