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05 September 2014 @ 03:04 pm
This week in homeschooling  
Glossing over the fact that I'm still suffering from conover (that's like a hangover from Dragoncon), and that I'm thus too brain-fried to recall much about *last* week in homeschooling, here's the rundown (slightly randomized due to that aforementioned conover):

Monday, of course, I was still at Dragoncon, and Tuesday I had to teach in the morning. My mother-in-law took care of the homeschooling for me--she's a retired elementary school teacher, so she really knows what she's doing. They had a whole daily schedule worked out, starting with calendar questions, then moving to printing practice, math practice, and journal writing. She'd gotten him started writing a sentence or two on his own every day, and then adding new words to a spelling glossary.

Tuesday afternoon, after the in-laws left, we watched the rest of the Little House on the Prairie movie. I can't find the episodes anywhere for streaming--Netflix has then on disk, but then I'd need to pay more for the DVD plan. :P

Wednesday morning we followed the homeschooling schedule again, then he went with me to the doctor's office to pick up my home sleep test. On the way there, he asked about something he'd heard about in a Dr. Who video--was there really a war in 1963? I figured they must have been talking about Viet Nam...so then I ended up having to explain Viet Nam. And Communism. Ye gods, this kid...On the way home, we detoured by the library to drop some books off, and discovered a delightful little peace garden, complete with labyrinth and a post saying "Let peace reign on earth" in a dozen different languages.

We've also been playing Carcassonne, which Aaron picked up at the con, and it's turning out to be great for math practice, since I make him add up the points. He's gotten very good at counting by 2s to score the cities. I also showed him pictures of the real city of Carcassonne, in southern France.

Yesterday after I got back from class, there was more writing and math practice, plus we worked on making lanterns for Saturday's Beltline Lantern Parade. He's been wanting to go to one for ages now, but when we were on a preschool/camp sleep schedule, I didn't want to keep him out so late. Plus, the summer ones started at like 9:30. So he's very excited about finally getting to go to one. We also read another chapter of Mary Poppins, and his journal assignment was to write two sentences about either the book or the movie.

Since it rained yesterday, we got to go out and check the rain gauge--aha! That's one thing I remember from last week: we did some wood project kits, including a little flower pinwheel with a graduated test tube for measuring rainfall.

Oh, and he started his gymnastics class at the Y last night, and since there was a karate class directly after, we stayed to watch it to see if Z was interested. Which he most enthusiastically was, so we've got him signed up for that. Technically, it's not karate, it's a Korean form called Tang Soo Do.

Today I had to return the sleep test kit to the doctor's office, so I left him home (while Aaron slept), and assigned him to read a book from his bookshelf, so he could write two journal sentences about it when I got back. Which he did, then we did more printing practice, and got out some math games. We played three money-counting games, then a round of Carcassone, though he was whiny and overly prone to drama. Once he's gotten over that, we'll finish the lanterns and probably read some more Mary Poppins.
Christine F.xinef on September 5th, 2014 09:03 pm (UTC)
Cribbage is a great way to get good at quick addition, when you think he's ready.
joyeuse13joyeuse13 on September 5th, 2014 09:03 pm (UTC)
I've never even played cribbage. Might be a fun game to learn.